Just the Facts, Please!!! – or, how the New York Times got this story all wrong

[March 2, 2008, with addenda March 3, 2008]

By Leonard Sax, MD, PhD

The New York Times is a newspaper which enjoys considerable influence and prestige in the United States. So it is a real disappointment that the newspaper’s
lengthy feature on single-sex education, published March 2, 2008 and written by Elizabeth Weil, is awash in misrepresentations and distortions. Some of the major problems in the article include:
> Misrepresenting my position; portraying me (Dr. Sax) as a ‘gender essentialist’
> Misrepresenting the relevant brain research
> The narrow focus on Foley Intermediate School
> The artificial tension which Weil invents between NASSPE and the YWL Foundation Unbalanced (and unfactual) criticism without any rebuttal . . .